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The Voshage Family
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I was lucky enough to have a distant cousin of my dad's visit the family village in Germany in the last few years. On the left hand side of the page is a picture of the ancestral home in the little village of Vahlbruch Germany where my Voshage ancestors came from. While my dad's cousin was there he discovered that a wonderful gentleman by the name of Burkhard Seebaum had taken all the old church records of the area and compiled them into a book. This book is entitled: "Hauserchronik von Vahlbruch : 1585-1997". This wonderful book outlines all the families of the little village of Vahlbruch, Germany. Mr. Seebaum has included many pictures of the farm houses and though I am unable to speak German (or even read it!) I found the book to be clear, concise and a wonderful investment. At the time I bought my copy it was only 30 DM plus postage. It by far is one of the most used books on my shelves as it clears up many of the questions of relationships of my family I would suggest that any one with ancestry in the village of Vahlbruch consider buying their own copy as it is well worth the money. The only kink in purchasing the book is that you will have to write to Mr. Seebaum (I can provide the address if you e-mail me at the link below), but Mr. Seebaum does not speak or read English. Therefore, you will have to translate your letter into German. There are a few ways to go about this, including contacting a German genealogical society in your area, using an on-line translator, or trying to get one of the local high school students taking German to help you out. So view the following pages for more information on the Voshage family.

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