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Voshage Family Pictures
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Here is a photo of the ancestral home in Vahlbruch (thanks to Mr. Seebaum).

Here is the image of Christian Voshage, b. Jan. 1838 d. Sept. 1901.

This is Christian's wife, Wilhelmine Justina Meyer, b.1836, d.1918

This is a picture of the boat the City of Chester that Henry Voshage came to the US on. He arrived in New York City on Jan. 2, 1885.

This is a family portrait of Henry & Stintje Voshage and 3 of their children: Minnie (aka Wilhemina), Christ and Anna. The picture is from ca 1899.

This is a picture of the Voshage family at Mountain Lake Minnesota. Notice that several of the children are barefoot and yet there is snow on the ground.

This is a photo of the Voshage sisters, Minnie and Anna and 2 of their girlfriends. Photo probably taken before 1915.

This is a photo of the Voshage relatives taken in 1932 on the Teichroew farm in Mountain Lake, Minnesota.

Back Row: Leonard Bartel, Henry Bartel, Ella Bartel, Bertha Bartel, Anna Wall, Tina Rempel, Leonard Behrends, George Rempel with Elfrieda in his arms, Henrietta(not married then), Kate Voshage, Christ Voshage, Justina Behrends, Minnie Behrends, Eleanor Wall, Leo Behrends , Abram Teichroew with Vernette, Loretta Behrends, Susie Teichroew

Front Row: Leonard Bartel Jr., Ken Behrends, Marvin Bartel, Virgil Bartel, Marcella Bartel, Lillian Wall, Harry Wall, Laura Wall, Harold Voshage, Verna Rempel, Vernon Behrends, Donald Behrends, Myrtle Behrends, Esther Wall, Vel Teichroew

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