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The Cline Family
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I have been researching the descendants and ancestors of Philip Cline and his wife. Unfortunately Philip died in 1850 and left very little in the way of a written record as to his descendants or other relatives. According to the 1850 census Philip was born ca 1777 in Virginia. Oral family tradition is the Clines were in Ohio after spending some time in Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania and then leaving for awhile for Canada, before returning to the United States and settling in Ohio. Philip and his wife were the parents of at least 7 children. Two of the sons: Jacob B. and Anthony moved on to Oregon and Washington. Jacob B. by 1840 is in Iowa and in 1844 came overland to Oregon. By 1858 Anthony has also moved to Oregon, arriving via ship. Jacob B. Cline was one of the early settlers of Sauvie Island Oregon and left quite an interesting record in the courts of his trials and tribulations. I had been quite frustrated in trying to find a copy of his first divorce, which occured Nov. 19, 1862. But diligence pays off and I was finally able to find a copy of the divorce and the testimony! But interestingly enough it was reading through the litigation about disbursement of Jacob's estate that shed the most light on not only this divorce, but on Jacob, his children and his brother, Anthony. But I am getting ahead of myself. I will post on the following pages information that I have put together on Philip's descendants.

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