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The Bishop Family
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Luckily for me years ago I corresponded with a distant relative who kindly shared with me her research. This has turned out to be a wonderful thing, as she has since passed away and all her years of labor on researching the family would otherwise have been lost, as her descendants destroyed all her papers and research. So, for those of you that hesitate to share your info with others, please remember that although the information may be valuable to you, when you pass on (as we all eventually do) your heirs may not realize the importance of your efforts. So, by sharing the information with others you may leave a legacy to other relatives out there, and may help finally uncover some of the brickwalls that you have stumbled over, as they do not have to re-do all your hard work. So, thank you Edna Prestel for kindly sharing all your hard work with me. Unfortuantely I did not know of your passing and would have gladly paid to have all your boxes and notebooks of research shipped to me. I only wish that I had known that your relatives did not share your enthusiasm for genealogy and I would have joyously taken care of all your years of research by donating it to a local historical society or library.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Ralph Emmons who so kindly took photos for me and who has used the info that I gave him and has added so much to it. Thanks Ralph! So feel free to e-mail me or Ralph or John if you are connected with this large and early family of Ross County Ohio. On the following pages you will find the links to information and pictures that I have put together on the Bishop family. Oh, and the picture on the left hand side of this page is of Robert Bishop, born in 1788 in Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., West Virginia and died shortly after his 87th birthday in Ross County, Ohio.

I would appreciate any further
information or pictures you might have to share.
If you would like to be listed as a fellow
Bishop family researcher please contact me
and I will list your e-mail address here.
You can reach me at
And you can contact Ralph , John and Rosalie,
as they too, have put alot of work
into our family research.

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