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Genealogical Links
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Cyndi's List
Cyndi's List is one of the largest sites out there.
Gendex is a free site to search and see if others have your family in their research.
The U.S. Genweb
This is the US Genweb site. There is lots of information available here.
This is the Rootsweb site. This site has tons of information!
Genforum is a great site to make contact with living descendants.
Family Search
This is the LDS site that has loads of information. You can search the library catalog to see what is available to rent at your local FHC library, and you can search the IGI and lots of other goodies.
Northern Light Search Engine
Northern Light is one of the finest search engines out there on the web.
Infoseek Search Engine
Infoseek is a good all-around search engine.
Dogpile Search Engine
Dogpile is another great search engine.
Genealogy Helplist
Here is a list of others that might live near or have access to things that might help you with your research.
BLM Land Records
Here you can look at land patents for many of the states, and even print copies of the original land patents.
Genealogy's Most Wanted
You can try and break through your brick walls here, and there are lists of helpful volunteers, too.
1895 Maps, and More
There are lots of links here to historic maps, and there are times you can't find that town your ancestors lived in - well, check here to see if it's listed.
The Library of Congress
You can access the Library of Congress' catalog here, and there is tons of stuff on the site.
This is a great site to find phone numbers and addresses or living relatives. You can also find zip codes here.
There is some great free stuff here, though it is a fee site for much of the information.
Family Tree Maker
Family Tree Maker is one of the sites where you can see what information may be already on a CD, that you can purchase.
The Perpetual Calendar
Lookd here to convert those "funny" old dates.
Babelfish Translator
Babelfish is an on-line free translator. Yup, I know it's not a perfect way to do things, but when all else fails....
Typing Foreign Characters
Ever wonder how to type foreign characters on your computer? Well, here is the site that will help you.

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Genealogical Links