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The Bishop Family Pictures
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Heinrich Bishop tombsone
in Littlestown Pennsylvania.
Heinrich was the original immigrant
ancestor and lived from
1713 until 1790.

Tombstone of Elizabeth Bishop
from Littlestown Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth was the wife of
Heinrich, whose tombstone is above.

The tombstone of Heinrich or
Henry Bishop in the Bishop
Hill Cemetery in Ross
County, Ohio. Henry came
to Ross Co. Ohio in 1795.
Henry was the progenitor of
a large extensive family in
the Ross Co. Ohio area.
Henry and many other family
members tombstones can be
found in the Bishop Hill
Cemetery in Huntington twp.,
Ross Co., Ohio

Tombstone of Catherine Bishop,
wife of Henry (above) in the
Bishop Hill Cemetery in Ross
County, Ohio.

Image of Robert Bishop,
son of Heinrich/Henry
Bishop, and grandson of
Heinrich Bishop of Littlestown

Tombstone of Sarah Hill who
married Robert Bishop
July 16, 1807 in Ross Co., Ohio.

Tombstone of the father of
Sarah Hill (above).
Benjamin Hill's tombstone
is in the McNamee-Hite
Cemetery in Fairfield Co.,

I would appreciate any further
information or pictures you might have to share.
You can reach me at
And you can contact Ralph , John
and Rosalie as they too have put alot
of work into our family research.

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